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Kath from Billinge had Gastric band hypnosis and lost 3 stone!

"I hated the way I looked,tried everything to lose weight and failed but after seeing Jeff,I went from 11 stone to 8st 6lbs in just six months"


Go to the gastric band tab above to read her amazing story and to see how great she looks now!

May!  before gastric band hypnosis

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Stop Smoking in One Hour!  price  £125! with a free back up session for                up to 6 months if needed! CALL NOW! 07801 351 427                                                    OR 01942 665837

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April before gastric band hypnosis

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Tracey from Widnes after years dieting finally got to her ideal weight by shedding three and a half stone after having  hypnosis

*Hypnosis like all holistic and alopathic  treatments may not benefit or be effective for everyone!


Unlike traditional talk therapies like CBT the methods I use can produce "Rapid Positive Improvement" in just a relatively few sessions! If you have struggled with an issue for many years you may be surprised just how quickly you can transform the way you feel! So if you suffer from Anxiety Weight issues depression Panic Attacks Addictions etc Call now to see how I might help you! Call Jeff Now on 07801351427