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About me

Jeff Lloyd Dip Hyp Acc SRT EFT


I trained with the European school of hypnotherapy and the Guildford open college.

I have been in practice for over 20 years using Counselling,EFT,Hypnosis past life regression and spiritual healing.Through which I have gained much experience over that time and am able to treat the many different issues I come accross. I continually update and upgrade the methods I use.


I am also an author and my book

The Sat Nav Guide To Your Soul is available on amazon

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What is hypnosis?

The British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis states:

"In therapy, hypnosis usually involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their attention narrowed down, and focused on appropriate suggestions made by the therapist."

These suggestions help people make positive changes within themselves.   Long gone are the days when hypnosis was seen as waving watches and controlling people's minds.  In a hypnotherapy session you are always in control and you are not made to do anything.  It is generally accepted that all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis.  A hypnotist merely helps to facilitate your experience - hypnotherapy is not about being made to do things, in fact it is the opposite, it is about empowerment.  If someone tells you they can hypnotise you to do something, ask them to hypnotise you to rob a bank, and when they can't, ask them to stop making ridiculous claims.

The following four extracts from Dr Hilary Jones' book, "Doctor, What's the Alternative?"

Definition of hypnotherapy

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep.  It does involve the induction of a trance-like condition, but when in it, the patient is actually in an enhanced state of awareness, concentrating entirely on the hypnotist's voice.  In this state, the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind is revealed.

The therapist is able to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the patient, the seeds of which become firmly planted.