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The Gastric Hypnosis is done over 3 sessions.The first one lasts about 90 minutes  We explore the reasons why you have issues with food and your weight You are also given a cd to listen to everyday of the course The second session you will have the gastric band operation.

The subconscious mind believes everything it is told under hypnosis and believes you have had a gastric band fitted.The third session involves reinforcing the work of the previous two session.The end result is to get you feeling more confident,eating smaller portions of food and feeling fitter and obviously losing weight!


How it Works

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gastric band hypnosis weight loss wigan

"I had heard of gastric band hypnosis and was very skeptical about it but having tried dieting over the years and never really being successful I thought I'd give it a go! After all what was there to lose?

I was over 11 stone when I went to see Jeff in May 2013. Jeff soon put me at ease and was great to work with.

                                                                                                      My goal weight was 9 stone. I have found the whole process really easy, not only is my addiction to chocolate now cured but to my utter delight my weight is now a constant 8st - 6lbs.


Unlike dieting you never really think of food or count calories all the time,you just feel less hungry,confident and feel more in control.I now eat 3 good healthy meals a day.I would recommend  it to anyone who has been  yo-yo dieting or struggling to lose weight over the years!


Obviously it may not work for everyone but with Jeff's guidance you'll certainly will feel more relaxed, determined and happier around food and meals!"



Kath from Billinge

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Tracey from St Helens before

and after pics


lost31/2 stone




April 2015                                               Oct 2015