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Stop Smoking NOW!  save pounds
Bolton St Helens

Smoking Cessation  is a one off session lasting about  60 minutes

with a free back up session if needed! now valid for 6 months Smoking may be  easier to stop than you may think! Especially after using my unique one off  Hypnosis session.

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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking in just one hour?

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Special new price £125  

"thanks jeff for your help,have stopped smoking for over a month now"!...Kristen from Wigan


"since my session with you I've never craved or wanted another cigarette.....steve from ashton


"I never had any cravings after our session" carol from ashton


"doctors warned me I could lose my legs if I didn't stop smoking my 60 a day habit,I tried everything else but after the session with jeff I stopped immediately" graham from standish


just a few of the many people I've helped  to stop smoking