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RPT (rapid progress therapies) is a program designed to give you rapid relief from your anxiety and stress and help you cope better with your busy life. This program uses a mixture of hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other powerful techniques I use to create a tailor made package for your particular issues.'RAPID POSITIVE PROGRESS' is possible for you too. Issues may be resolved far more quickly than more conventional talk therapies like Counselling or CBT for example.Try it and see for yourself.So many times clients come to me and say " You are my last hope.I have tried everything else." So why suffer any longer?  Take control. Be like them and try RPT for yourself.    Call me now for more information or to book an appointment and start the journey of transforming your life for the better. call Jeff on 07801351427

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Jeff Lloyd DHP Acc SRT PLT EFT                              Expert in Anxiety issues

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Imagine what it would be like to be 'free' from anxiety issues you may have struggled with for years?. I, like so many, have been through various anxious and stressful times including getting divorced, moving house, losing my job and financial problems.I still recall those times in my life vividly, feeling my heart thumping so hard I thought it was going to burst through my chest and my mind so full of worries I thought my head was going to explode!. Are you experiencing similar symptoms because of all your stress and anxiety? Are you worried about your job, family or partner?. Or are you struggling with health issues, perhaps from weight gain or smoking for example? You may feel as though you are stuck and there is no way forward. That is exactly how I felt until I took the plunge and decided to try hypnotherapy to treat my issues. After just a few sessions I was able to completely transform my life for the better. In fact, the positive change was so life changing it inspired me to train to become a Hypnotherapist, specialising in treating anxiety and stress.You too can experience that freedom using' RAPID PROGRESS THERAPIES




"Before I saw Jeff I was terrified of flying now after just a few sessions of RPT I've been able to fly and see my daughter in Australia".. Raymond Hughes

"I tried everything to stop smoking,patches,will power,Champix,             E-cigs, but after just one session of RPT with Jeff I stopped for good".. George Daley

" Before I had a few sessions of RPT I used to suffer panic attacks but now I feel more in control of my life".. Jean Saunders

"I felt like a prisoner in my own home I was so scared of birds. Hated going the seaside, train stations AND even the local shopping centre, in fact anywhere birds congregated. Now thanks to Jeff and RPT I'm free to go anywhere I like without fear or anxiety".....Carol Simms 

"Thanks Jeff I never thought I'd do it but thanks to your 1 hour RPT Stop Smoking Session not only did I quit for good but it was so easy!".....Darren 

"I always felt ,Anxious and self conscious about the way I looked. I was always "yo-yo" dieting, losing weight then putting it back on again. I am now am in control of my weight and am confident not only in the way I look but also confident in my self.". Sandra Dickson

🚭 5 weeks 🚭 😁 n the smell still makes me gag or actually throw up its amazing 😁

Gemma came for a stop smoking session

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"HIGHLY RECOMMEND! My sessions with Jeff have helped me more than I ever could have hoped for. I learnt some very useful tools to aid with unhelpful mind patterns I'd gotten myself into. Since practising the techniques I've noticed some real changes and on a personal note I have come to realise how life is full of so many wonderful possibilities!"Eva Lee

*Hypnosis like all holistic and allopathic  treatments may not benefit or be effective for everyone!